Acquisition of the application CandP

You can try CandP for free for two weeks. You don’t need a credit card or installations on the computer. A trial does not automatically turn into a subscription.

On the website, under Shop, click with the mouse CandP – Copy and paste! Application.

You can increase or decrease the number of user rights. Press Add to cart.

Proceed to checkout.

Enter billing information.

Create a customer account in the online store. In the future, you can manage your order from there. Read and accept the terms. Order the app.

Next, you can view the order information. Through the account tab, you manage your CandP subscription. Go to the registration page via the link, you can manage the CandP users of the application.


On the account tab, you can change or cancel your order. Additional usage rights or licenses for the application CandP can also be purchased here.

After placing the order, you will receive the order information by e-mail. With the link at the end of the message, you create a CandP application account for your company or organization, that is, you register for the application CandP.

Create a user account for your company, organization or just for yourself. Additional application licenses can be acquired for the company and organization user account through the customer account of the online store.

After creating a user account in the CandP application, you can log in to it. Your user account is otherwise empty, but we have put sample texts on the Standard texts page.

After or during the free trial period, you must add payment information if you want to continue using the application. From the Account tab, press Payment methods

Press Add payment method.

Enter your credit card information. Press Add payment method. For secure online payment, the online store uses double authentication. Follow the instructions.


Finally, you will see the payment method added.

The master user (admin) can add users to the application by acquiring more user licenses through My Account in Sitro’s online store. Log in to your customer account to manage app licenses.

In the Yritys / company * tab you can see the names of the companies you entered (orders). You can have several company subscriptions. By pressing the Show button, you can see more detailed information and access e.g. to add users to the CandP application or to acquire more user licenses.


From the Add users to the application page, you can manage the application’s users and send them a registration link for the application.

You can manage the number of access licenses, i.e. increase or decrease the number of users of the application, under Order information and additional purchases of access rights.

CandP application's instructions

Log in to your account on our website >Kirjaudu/Login CandP by entering your username and password.

On the first page, you’ll find the standard text you use most and the text most used by other people in your business. You’ll also find time-saving CandP usage in relation to writing. The language options on the right side of the application are Finnish and English. On the left are the menu pages.

On the Standard Texts page, you can search for text to copy using keywords, tags, and filters. You control the languages. You can also add standard tests or add text suggestions.

Select the standard text by clicking on it with the mouse.

When the standard text opens, click the Copy to Clipboard button. Switch to another application and paste the text.

After selecting the standard text you want to edit, open it with the click of a mouse.


Edit the text and save the text with the click of a mouse. You can give the text color, language, or different tags.

If you want to check the text, mark the text for checking with a mouse click on the yellow screen, select the checker and save.

You can add standard text directly or make a text suggestion. In the Add text suggestion, mark the text for review and select the text reviewer.


Enter new standard text. If you do not make a text suggestion, save. You can give the text color, language, or different tags.

If you make a text suggestion, mark the text for review by checking the blue box, select the reviewer, and save.

Once the reviewer has reviewed the text and made the necessary corrections, he or she will click the green box to mark the text as reviewed and save the changes. He can also mark a yellow box during the work so that other team members know the text is under work.

To delete standard text, click the trash can icon in the lower-right corner of the standard text.

You can search for standard texts with keywords, tags, and filters. You can organize texts by different criteria. You can add tags.

On the My Profile page, you can add your own picture and edit your own information. Other users on your team will see your own information.


On the User Profiles page, you can search for users and view their information by clicking on a person’s row with the mouse.

On the Users page, you can edit user information, change their role between the basic user and the admin user, add and delete users. You can search for users and filter the people shown by different criteria.

CandP makes it easy for a person to take advantage of team members ’texts and follow the company’s communication model. Copying and editing standard text is much easier than writing any email or text from scratch. In addition to ease, mistakes and misunderstandings are avoided.

Aksios Corporation Oy

By using the CandP application, you agree the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and Data Processing Agreement.

At, under My Account, you manage your orders, view invoices and edit various information.

FAQ Frequently asked questions

We are a Finnish company owned by Finnish individuals. We have been operating in the areas of software, business development and training since 2004.

The languages ​​used in the CandP application are Finnish and English. Our customer service and technical support also work in those languages.

The company can try the application for 14 days for free. If you do not wish to use it, we will automatically delete your account after the trial period.

Basic user access is restricted. The administrator sets up e.g. new users, manage user accounts, and can delete standard text.

We comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Your information is protected. Our servers are in Finland, so they are more secure than e.g. Servers located in the United States.

You can find your invoice on the application at under My Account.

From Orders and Invoice.

You will be able to stop using the application at under My Account. The notice period is one month.

You can see your subscription to the application in the Subscriptions section. Press the Show button to see more detailed information.

From this page you can cancel the order, change the payment method or renew the order.